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    Nice to know. :) I would appreciate if you'd copy it into the new thread as well, just to keep it all in the same place for easy reference.
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    Not related specifically to settlements, but only tangentially. I had Preston as a companion while doing Minutemen radiants and other stuff, and eventually he gave me Taking Independence, so I agreed and he went off to the Castle. Went to pick up Ada and do A New Threat at the General Atomics factory, and after that I went with Ada and did Taking Independence, but after turning in the quest to Preston the game would crash within a few second of completion every time.

    I was able to turn in the quest and immediately fast-travel away from the Castle, but going back to the Castle for Preston would result in a CTD. Noted some suspicious-looking stuff in the Papyrus log relating to companions so I tried dismissing Ada and re-recruiting her, thinking maybe Preston was halfway glitched in a companion state, but that didn't work either. Waiting several hours for Preston to return to Sanctuary didn't help, because he stayed at the Castle according to the Vault-Tec PMS's Overseer tracker.

    Solution: prid 1a4d7 to select Preston and moveto player to extract him from the Castle and to my location. After that I was able to recruit him and return to the Castle to rebuild.
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    Thank you, I'm playing survival and this just saved me from going from lvl 117 to lvl 70, not to mention losing a lot of building settlements
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    I think the ForceClearSettlement console "Nuclear Option" would be much more useful if there was a "Neutron Bomb" option which would at least not delete named NPCs which weren't script created; i.e. the original robots at Gray Garden, the original Minutemen settlers who came with Preston, etc. This also goes for any companions you may have re-homed to the settlement one way or another. The spawned settlers are fair game of course :)
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