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Sim Settlements 2 Official Trailer

So hyped! Love the idea that this will provide meaning and purpose to settlement building, to a level not yet seen in SS. If this provides the kind of immersive plot richness for building that Conquest did for raiders, then I'll be blown away.

Even the details look great, like that settler hoping in to that anti-air / beam artillery looking machine.
This is so good. I just hope that it can fully take advantage of the recent mods like Baka ScrapHeap and F4SE plugins to make culling planes placeable ingame to help performance. Sanctuary lvl 3 is hard on my system still. :(

I was not able to play Conqueror as I already was in a playthrough with Horizon. I hope this time Sim Settlements plays nice with Horizon out of the box. :D

Can we have a way to transfer our items and gear between saves? Like if a previous person lived there before? That way starting again from scratch would be less tedious as collecting everything is 99% of the time spent anyway.

I never have the time to fully play the game when so many great mods like this are released. XD
Never played Nuka World to this day!

In the trailer we see a round terminal held in hand pipboy style with an interface never seen before. It must be the work of the mysterious flash developers as those are custom flash .swf files! Talks about SPECIAL stats, but the pipboy already has that. Weird, maybe for settlers? Interesting.

If I can wish for a feature is to have the pipboy settlement info and workshops to share the same actual info and not have to refresh and shelter fix every time I get back to a settlement. This original game mechanic is more irksome than needed. Could do without shelter entirely to not deal with this. The options in SS and WorkshopFramework even when used don't actually do anything about that.

Also can we wish for custom child worldspaces of the commonwealth for cities like Diamond City?
Maybe this could alleviate some of the problems with the triangle of death CTD's. Cuts immersion, but the engine can't handle much. Skyrim had separate cities for some reason too after all!

Or can the city plans use less actual items like individual standard sized walls and instead spawn in collections of combines for larger walls, stairs and big pieces? Cool effect to have many items being spawned in when using cinematic view for city building, but each item becomes a draw call and the game slows to a crawl. Many plans also have some issues with missing structural items, floating in midair items that cannot be scrapped. Like Sanctuary (In front of Player house second floor walkway with no support, hanging lights in midair) and Starlight Drive-In (second floor east on the main projector building with pumpkin decorations, hanging lights, and an exclamation mark marker floating in midair, no wall to support the PAWN lettering etc.)

Very much excited and passionate about this mod. :D
And here I was just getting ready to start a new liberator run.

Definitely excited to see a fresh start for SS. SS1 is built upon years of learning and experimentation, which has lent it both an edge of refinement and a lot of legacy baggage. Letting go of the latter and starting over with a fresh design space has the potential to let ideas breathe in a way that I imagine they couldn't before. If kinggath & co. could do SS all over again with the benefit of all that hindsight, what would it be? I can't wait to see the answer to that.

I mean, I really can't wait. So I'm gonna go start that liberator run. Hopefully looking forward to some sort of video with KG just chatting about his ideas, thoughts and excitement for what's to come. I'm a sucker for listening to those patch notes and other shop talks.
Man, between this and the Creation Club coming back out of the freezer this is looking like a great holiday season to be playing Fallout 4.
This looks cool! I wonder if there will be a story. Or if it's compatible with the old version. :)
The trailer certainly looks very enticing, but I'm not sure what it's even selling....

I really hope that the 2.0 version of SS will allow rebuilding existing partially destroyed buildings or completely replacing them. Being able to build a completely new normal house, but not be able to tear down or fix a pre-existing house up to its pre-war state has always been my least favorite (and quite frankly immersion breaking) part of the settlement system.
Thanks Kinggath to you and all other people behaind you. People like you and many other like yourself are the ones that give life to Fallout 4 and trou that enrich our worlds of Fallout which we created for ou selfs trou modding. Thank you for the time, knowleage, will and persistence to bring us this Titan in the world of Fallout mods and trou it a chance to immerse ourselfs in the world we all love soo much but alas not as much as you. I enjoyed SS/SSC very much trou severel gameplays. Had some trouble with it as many of us have, but what could we expect from a Titan like that. And last but not least about SS2, I will only say juging by the trailer that I am ready for another ride, and I know we all will be in the first class. Thank you once again for that :)
Woah!!! So speculation.. is this going to be like conqueror but good guys? :OOOO

I've never been genuinly hyped for a game mod before. Its pretty outstanding (and weird) to feel this way.. kinggath and crew are something special!

Also the voice actiing wow!!!! Did you have to pay the actors for this?? Genuinly amazing
Trying not to wildly speculate but as someone who still loves building settlements up in my own style I wonder how much "Sim Settlements" specific stuff we'll need to trigger getting the quests. Getting quests from my settlers other than "Uh oh, raiders" is definitely the one thing I always felt was missing and an easy, easy SS2 auto-download for me.
OMG THIS IS IT! Time to sink some hundreds of hours in this game again. Just when I thought it can't get any better, the SS team have really outdone themselves!
::gleefully expanding upon Kinggath's altar:: (running out of room here...)

Will there be a recommended mod list/list of mods not to be used?
Man, between this and the Creation Club coming back out of the freezer this is looking like a great holiday season to be playing Fallout 4.
Ugh, whaaat? Again the F4SE breaking? I hoped we were finally past that...

Also: It will have a story and will not be compatible to SS1. I can tell this much, since this is also on the FAQ.