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    This kind of continues from my last thread but another thing i would like to adress is production lines and how they they could be better worked out.

    As i said before I have played a few of the Anno games (1404, 2070, 2205 and hopefully 1800 in a months time) and one thing I like about that is how mostly realistic the production lines are in that game and it gets me to think how can they be applied to Sim settlements. the current issue is how advanced industial plots work and how they level up. Example: 'iron mine > Steel mill > Ammo factory' the problem is that when you level up to a steel mill where is the long term iron ore coming from, same for when you level that steel mill up into ammo factory, where is the metal for the rounds coming from?

    my solution is a bit drastic but hear me out. we break up the advanced industial plots into 4 different plots with the follow lables.

    1. gathers. These are where lumber mill's, iron mines, oil wells and so one will go. most likey they would follow the large farm plot in size since i could see each of them as three level buildings. water producer's and power plants would fit here as well

    2. refinerys. These buildings will be your steel mills, oil refinery's glass blowers and charcoal pits will go. the high the level the more they produce but the more resources from the gather's they cost.

    3. Factorys. These are where the finished products are preduced. they require material's from the refinerys along with maybe some farm goods. (more on that later) these would include normally level three buildings like the ammo factory, Drug factory, tool shop, and so on, same deal as last time.

    4. Factory farms. Now before you say anything these places can be classified as gatherers but hear me out. these places produce little to no food what so ever and ether grow special crops or raise cattle for certain resources. some example's include, Bramin pens for their production of fetilizer for both ammo and chems, and a medicinal farm, which produce's herbs to be used in the production of chems and healing items.

    anyway sorry about making this long but i really think that the whole advanced industrial plots need a rework in some form or another. please take the time to comment or think about it and kinggath if you see this well take it under consideration.
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