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Greentop Fertilizer Factory


Welcome to Greentop Nursery, the Commonwealth's finest, and possibly only, fertilizer factory! Our dedicated facility processes waste organic matter and converts it into VitaLimeTM Garden Feed, renowned across the wasteland for its improvements to crop growth and harvest yields. Stop by for a tour or a drink, we'd love to show you around.

This is my entry for June 2019. I'm still working on the L3 details, but here's a taster of what's coming :)


L3 save HERE

I'm calling this one done now. Greentop Nursery is quite a challenging settlement to build in thanks to that big, unscrappable greenhouse taking up so much real estate. I decided to get around that issue by building on top of and all over it! There were three things I wanted to focus on this month, based on my previous entry in March.
  • Firstly, I wanted to use more 2x2 plots, as I felt that last time I relied too much on the smaller size of interior plots. This provided an added challenge considering the relatively small build area in the settlement.
  • Secondly, I wanted to break away from doing everything 'square'. I've layered structures on top of structures at different angles to give a more 'organic' look to how the settlement has built.
  • Thirdly, I wanted to build a thematic set piece, something I did not attempt at Croup Manor. The (sadly non-functional) fertilizer production line has filled that role, and was quite enjoyable to build.

Picture time!









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