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City Plans!


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City Planner (S3)
I'll be listing all the plans I'm uploading to Nexus here in one spot for ease of access. Feel free to add your own links in the replies!
Vanilla SS2 Settlements:
Red Rocket: (Red Rocket Foundry: production-oriented, focused on Machine Parts)

Croup Manor (Dugout Liquors: food-focused, includes alcohol production)

Murkwater Construction Site: (Murkburgers: An organics production settlement intended to be run by Stodge and his crew of misfits. Includes a working food production line at higher levels.)

Sanctuary Hills: (Simple Sanctuary: a lightweight build that caps at 16 settlers, to help xbox players and others avoid issues in the 'triangle of death')

Starlight Drive-In: (Starlight Hive: an all-round industrial settlement, self-sufficient at all levels. Caravan installed at level 0.)

Hangman's Alley: (The Hang'em Mall: One-stop shop for your commercial needs! Dependent on imported food and water, caravan from level 0.)

Somerville Place: (Fort Somerville: A fortified comm hub in the south-west Commonwealth themed for the Minutemen, perfect for keeping an eye on the local Gunners. Caravan from level 0, reliant on imported scrap.)

Jamaica Plains: (Cafe 88: a clean, secure cafe and trade hub to serve the south-east Commonwealth. Come get your first taste of a Murkburger in style!)

Tenpines Bluff: (Tenpines Hive: a highly fortified, trade-focused outpost for the northern Commonwealth.)

Sunshine Tidings Co-Op: (Sunshine Hive: a fortified industrial settlement containing several Production-type buildings at L3.)

Echo Lake Lumber: (Echo Lake Lumber Restoration: a balanced settlement that seeks to restore the site instead of wiping it out and starting from scratch.)

Mod-added Settlements:
Boston Commons: (Swan's Bar And Pitstop: fortified caravan layover stop. Requires VFX's "Swan's Pond - Settlement", found here:
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