Question [Bug] "Establishing Vassals" true distance unlock

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    Good evening.

    I have the latest version of SS (4.2.9) and Conqueror (also 4.2.9) as well as some packs from factions to buildings.

    In my first outpost (Red Rocket outside Sanctuary) with Conqueror, I prepared myself to capture and vassalize Abernarthy's Farm. Having already checked the assault screen to unlock the Recon function (getting near to a settlement without actually going inside so that it could be "assaultable"), I got as near as I could to Abernarthy's until a message box poped up saying that now Abernarthy was a posible objective.

    I returned to my outpost and gathered my troops, but I found out that Abernathy was nowhere to be found in the "Establish Vassal" menu, but it was in the "Establish Outpost". Checking both lists, I realized that the settlements that could be captured in both ways where settlements where i had actually been, in that I could teleport to it. In order to check my theory, I decided to enter Abernathy's (because luckly it was the minutemen protecting it and they would not attack) and once I actually "discovered" the location (teleport and exp included) the settlement finally appeared as an objective elegible for vassalization.

    It seems that for some reason the vassal assault system doesn't have the same distance requirement as the outpost, and so you need to actually unlock it in order to be eligible.

    Thanks for your help and good luck keeping this project up!
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