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April 2020 Specifics


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On that note... Will the extra item selection (yes, default is INS) allow you to select items that would break the pre-combines?
No. It's basically letting you get at items which you would otherwise be able to move in the console, but which aren't set up right to be editable in normal workshop mode.


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As for trying to get all four levels done in time for the competition deadline, you only need the level 3 completed with pics and a level save...
I still can't sleep 80% of the time without it hanging, (which also means so I can't setup my advanced industrial, etc... because I don't have time for them to level by waiting when I can't wait/sleep).

So I'm out.
I'll take my time and add the quests etc as well, then release it as it's own thing, since it will be a City Plan with Quest Mod then anyway.
Was nice to try for the contest (and it gave me a deadline) but I won't be able to be finish to that standard
level 3 completed with pics and a level save...
by midnight. I assume the Save has to be a Working Save? I don't have one of those at the moment.

As it stands now:
the Judges Could explore it, but was designed to be explored BEFORE level3, in a (future quest) search for items hidden around the vault (hour or 2 of searching if you don't use TCL).
Then the (future pending) quest unlocks level3, a bunch of things that have been there from level0, get removed because then those quests to Find & Search for items in the vault will be done. So.... remove the walls, etc that were just there to be in the way for searching, get some build space back and finish the last of the add-ons for level3.
Searching/ Exploring is planned to be lots of fun Before level3, afterwards the exploring the vault part is really over, but the rest of the cave system (North & North-East sectors) can Then be Unlocked and accessed.
The build is in the main cavern and a bit in the east section water region and a bigger badder trap in the east side cave.


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Good Luck to all for the contest. I enjoyed the rest of my birthday (27) off.

I think I've found a bad add-on (not identified specifically).
When I try to sleep the game hangs.
If I load the console save I made just before I can sleep _IF_ and only if don't wait after loading the game. Loading the Same save and waiting a few minutes for all the add-ons to load before sleeping, it hangs. Consistently.
I assume the Discord is the best place to post this?