Update 1.0.2 Atom's Glory - adds 6 building skins and bugfixes

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    Update 1.0.2
    • Adds 6 new Atom themed skins for the Sim Settlements building plans; all the vanilla interior shops.
    • Fixes a very weird bug that could cause the Conqueror supermutant Maul to not appear.
    • Fixes the radiant quest "Gather Atom's Glow" so that it gives new locations after you have cleared the first one.
    Atom themed skin for the Sim Settlements Interior Bar - now with extra Glow!

    And an Atom themed skin for the Sim Settlements Interior General Store - so your Atomites can get all their knick-knacks.

    Get the update here:
    Nexus PC here
    Bethesda.net XB1 here
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