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  1. 2

    Can't seem to get SS2 started up - likely something dumb

    Hey, all. Getting back into the Fallout series and am new to the modding scene. SS2 looks like what I remember wishing F4 was on release so when I couldn't get it to work, I really hit my head against the wall for a while before giving up and coming here. I've attached some screenshots that...
  2. U

    Solved Menu option to pre-build settlements never popped up

    I'm using a mod called Start Me Up as I got tired of always playing the Sole Survivor and I'm thinking this might have messed with Conqueror's option to build settlements at the start. I did see Jammer in Concord though and have started doing his quests. I have read the FAQs and did start a new...
  3. seto007

    Question Conqueror Menu Appears After Character Creation, But Cities Don't Pre-Generate

    I have played with Sim Settlements Conqueror previously, and so I know that after you setup your options in the configuration menu and click "Let's Do This", that a progress bar is supposed to appear in the upper left corner to show the progress of pre-generating cities. However, after I click...
  4. Squidfest

    Question Potential Incompatibility with Start Me Up

    Hello again. It's me, the man who can't stay away from Fallout 4. Hope you're all having a not-so-terrible quarantine. Anyways, as I was setting up my umteenmillionth playthrough I decided "I don't want to sit through the hour and a half of setup to spend the rest of my time trying to figure out...
  5. Choochoo1

    Question Conquerer Start Up Debug Menu

    SO I went to start a new game tonight and when I went into conqueror to try the new war options and when it popped up to pick my factions it was empty and said DEBUG PANEL at the bottom. I am having this issue in the settlment and city plan picker as well.I have disabled all my other mods except...

    Not a bug Game Loadup Issue Xbox1s

    I know the issue of improper game startup was already discussed, but the issue I'm having is that the game will not even go to the Loading menu upon startup. I am playing on updated game, Xbox One S with only Sim Settlements mod (no other mods). No DLC. I click on FO4 to begin game, the usual...