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  1. derogue

    Jake stuck at Concord

    warning major spoilers I'm trying to skip straight to Chapter 2 "How to HQ" on a new save using the holotape, but after waiting for all quests to complete, Jake stands in the building at Concord, and talking to him does nothing. This 'stuck Jake' issue was already happening with me on old...
  2. Dogmeat241

    Dark Horizons quest not advancing

    I'm playing chapter 2, and after i finish the dark horizons quest, after Lupe and Jake talk to each other in the plutonium well, the quest completes and no main quest starts after that. i looked around for some npc in concord and found a "nightingale" just down the main road, but neither them or...
  3. S

    CPD Main Quest Bug - Catastrophe Prevention Drive

    I currently just finished CPD quest “Camp Patrol Duties” after listening the tape and talk to Simon I was told to go to the CPD HQ to help them defend. So my quest stage finished after talking to Simon and the next stage of the quest won’t start. So I checked the Wiki the next quest suppose to...
  4. R

    * SPOILER * Curious vault problem

    Continuing the exciting story of SS2 Chapter 2 I got to vault 75 by Jake's story. I decided to take it with stealth and at the end of the rescue, Jake prepared himself for action. At that moment when leaving the room and Jake with a laser machine gun in his hand, each and every one of the...
  5. G

    Sunken Treasure missing a door?

    At the end of Sunken Treasure when near the hatch,it appears that there isn't a door where there should be. Am I just missing something?
  6. T

    Getting the Vigor Tester Made Me Laugh Way Harder than I Intended

    So far I've been loving the mod, but the moment when you reach the Vigor Tester absolutely made me break down laughing. That, coupled with the quest icon, brought me back to the hilarity and zaniness of New Vegas, and is something that I missed in Fallout 4. Sim Settlements 2's story could've...
  7. P

    Can't complete "Picking up the Pieces"

    I'm currently at the first part of the mission where it requires I place down the Prototype Locator Beacon. After killing all the enemies, I have tried 3 locations Boston Public Library (entered via subway causing the robots and turrets to be friendly) DB Technical High School (map says...
  8. ACExtravaganza

    Hub of the Problem Problem

    Can't find the key card. I don't think its bugged or anything, I just need a little help finding it.
  9. RayBo

    Getting Started with SS2 "Spoiler" Video

    If this does ok and helps folks I may do a few more. If folks have screenshots and such of unlocks post them below. They may help other folks and we all love your screenshots :declare
  10. ACExtravaganza

    Primary Bug Report Who can? ASAM! - ASAM hovers in air and is non-interactable when dropped

    "Stranger" has asked me to put an ASAM sensor on the ground, but when I drop it it floats there and is uninteractable. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  11. Sirlach

    Showcase Intimate Defense Preview.....

    Just thought I would post some teaser's from the upcoming Martial Add-on. These will be Work in Progress Shots and may not be the final product....... A gatehouse plot and 2 corner plots.
  12. K

    Suggestion A Blast From The Past: Very nice quest, but not working well

    I loved that quest, but the quest triggers are way too fragile. I was almost unable to complete the quest as a result. 1) After finding the dead patrol, I got the "completed" update but nothing happened. I was wondering what to do next, but after about a minute Jammer gave an update...
  13. Lancars

    The melody is unchained...

    I have a chill in the air. Like someone is with me in there.... (I love this mod)
  14. G

    (SPOILER ALERT) Microfusion Garage Mission Questions

    Okay so I have searched the Chinese Nuclear Submarine top to bottom for drained warhead cores and I have only been able to find three. The research questline for the Microfusion Garage refuses to continue even after I plug these three in successfully. I am unable to find more than just these...