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  1. A

    Tutorial Error in Basic Skin Form Creation (Solved)

    Working my way through Tutorial 02 - Your First Addon and got stuck on Step 25 of Basic Skin Form Creation: "Open the script properties by double-clicking the SimSettlementsV2:... entry in the Scripts section." I see the following in the Warnings window and the Script Properties dialog refuses...
  2. S

    Solved Game crashes when I approach a Conqueror pre-built settlement

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum and I hope I'm doing it right, as I've long been a fan of Youtubers using Sim Settlements and only recently decided to try the mod out myself. I've started a heavily modded playthrough of Fallout 4 and am really enjoying it, having started a city plan...
  3. Arsonis

    Solved conqueror stop working

    hi, I've been playing Conqueror for a while, and I adore this mod, but after Jammer notifies me of the ranks that the units have and after capturing 6 settlements (3 outpost and 3 vassals), all settlements conqueror stopped working, no Do not load it in half, Jammer is stuck and can not launch...
  4. Chieron

    Question Settlers do not react any longer, no new settlers coming in

    I believe that I suffer from locked workshop scripts, as the situation fits with the one described here: I cannot reassign settlers to new jobs or move them to another settlement anymore. Also...
  5. Nazgul

    Old Post Performance impact with prebuilt cities

    This is more of a general question, so I think general section is the proper place for this thread. I recently finished a playthrough with RotC 3-in-1, where I had most of the settlements evolve to lvl 3, with a few special locations (Sanctuary, Castle, and a few other) that I developed...
  6. ThunderboltDragon

    IDEK's Logistics Station scripts running amok

    My active scrip situation is really really bad and the script issue is very likely to be caused IDEK's Logistics Station, possible in conjunction with the FO4 DLCs. Lately my game have been acting really weird. IDEK logistics station not working at Far Harbour settlements + a few other...
  7. Cranky Cat

    Scripts causing CTD if I move too far while they run

    The latest 3.4.2 seemed to make matters worse in some cases for script CTD. I have threads turned up to 30 but it seems like they keep becoming active as I move instead of all at once. Do scripts which are already running rely on the player's current location instead of saving everything...
  8. Cranky Cat

    60MB of save file for Sim Settlements?

    My save file has been steadily growing since I installed Sim Settlements and I'm wondering if there is some underlying issue using too many resources and not cleaning up after itself. Just as a test I used the autodestruct and then uninstalled Sim Settlements. With Sim Settlements and 13...
  9. Cranky Cat

    Thread status display

    Sometimes Sim Settlements has alot of work to do and it'd be great to know how it's going. I'd like to be able to enable thread status update messages in the console or holotape. At the very least perhaps have a console command which displays a thread summary with # of active thread and the...
  10. BandX

    Resolved Workshop Mode Infinite Loop.

    Platform, PC. With recent upgrades of Sims & related mods (Jan 2018 - March) I started getting crashes. I addressed this by doing the suggested addition in the .ini file plus reordering the loading of the mods and I shut down several mods that were from the Jan / March dates that were new to...