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  1. Sen Dog

    [Possible Bug] Martial Plot has no Floor.

    As you can see in the screenshots I've attached, my Martial Plots (no foundation) have no floors on them. I remember in SS1 you could snap non-foundation plots to the same spot as any existing floor in the game, but this does seem to be the case with SS2, not only can I not Snap the plot to a...
  2. Sol Fennell

    Question Disable martial plot flags.

    Is there any way to disable the flags on martial plots because they all look a bit weird fluttering in different directions.
  3. Sirlach


    Preview of upcoming new UD plot bought to you by the Commonwealth Medieval Recreation Society!
  4. Sirlach

    SirLach's Ultimate Defences - Military Themed Plots. BethNet PC -> BethNet XBox -> Have you found yourself in a never ending cycle of violence and conflict? Or maybe you are having a...
  5. Sirlach

    Ultimate Defenses is Live!

    Grab it here -> Thanks to all the people who contributed ideas and been generally awesome. I have 25 more plots written down from the suggestions posts so stay tuned for more updates in the near future!
  6. Sirlach

    Suggestion Suggestions for New Martial Plot Add-on pack.

    Hi Everyone, I am deep into development of a new add-on pack which will be a collection of Martial Add-ons. I am looking for suggestions and must have's from the community so please feel free to post suggestions and ideas for Martial Plots that you feel are missing. SirLach.
  7. Cranky Cat

    1x1 foundations for martial plots?

    There are still some 1x1 plots in the martial category but no foundations for them in SS. I just get a concrete or wood foundation block from the main structure menus though. Will the auto-plots with 3.5.2 work with the 1x1? I like the plots separatel since I don't have to worry about the build...
  8. Cranky Cat

    Interior martial plot for guard posts?

    Sometimes I make a nice interior space with a good place for a guard post, like behind the metal mesh security fence with the hole in it for shootin' and talkin'. :-) It'd be cool if there were more options which would (ideally) keep your presumably well armed guards somewhere useful while "at...
  9. H

    Fixed Martial Plot 2x2 Option Gone

    While playing, I placed a 2x2 martial plot in my game, but there's not a lot of build option so I decided to install every addon I could find at nexus all at once(probably stupid). Once I loaded the game, everything's working fine except that the 2x2 martial plot is gone. I thought maybe one of...
  10. D

    Level 3 kennel dogs fighting settlers

    Exactly like the title says. When the Kennel (small martial plot) upgrades to level 3, the new armored dogs start fighting my settlers. Is this happening to anyone else?