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  1. G

    New Liberty Trading Company Themed Red Rockets

    I recently posted (for the first time) city plans on the Nexus for some "New Liberty Trading Company Themed Red Rockets: SS2, Ch 3" (Quincy, Boston, Lexington, and Cambridge). Afterwards, I got bored and made some images and thumbnails to post on the mod description page and thought I’d post...
  2. B

    New to Xbox and this mod. Can you keep all the vanilla factions(BoS, Railroad, Minutemen, and Institute) alive and allied to help like in the trailer?

    Hey I’m purchasing my first Xbox to play Fallout 4 modded mostly because I saw the AMAZING chapter 3 trailer for this mod on YouTube . But the trailers showed all 4 of the vanilla game factions side by side. Which is honestly what truly sold me on this mod. Seeing BoS knights, Railroad agents...
  3. maverikch

    Should SS2 Unique Settlers turn hostile towards you on game decisions?

    Hey guys some botherings thougsh i like to understand and share ;) Some unique settlers are faction bound. but after beating the main game, those npcs stay in the assigned settlement and are still friendly towards the player char though he wiped out their whole faction. even to each other. In...
  4. ElanaLoaded

    Questions about leader traits (searched - nada) ANSWERED

    Fisty-Punch Master = Auto-win attack chance Does this refer to when settlement is attacked, and player is not assisting defense? Increases chance of settlement defeating attackers? etc Minutemen Officer = Many new settlers will be trained as Minutemen at the settlement. What is real advantage...
  5. Rojobow

    Switched Factions Yet?

    Alright so I'm getting further into my first play through on SS2, it's been a complete joy thus far, and I'm curious of any of you have switched factions yet using SS2 and if it played nicely in your settlements? I had some issues doing the old sneaky switch-a-roo with SS1+Conqueror and i do...
  6. Cuauh

    Question Factions Locked

    Hi, newbie here. I have this issue with SS Conqueror. When I try to start the War planner's desk, this message pops-up and doesnt allow to begin any war, it says: I did check the modpages but cant find anything. Please help me activate this mod.
  7. RayBo

    Announcement Sim Settlements Conqueror Faction Pack- Minutemen (Liberators)

    HA! :smile happy! Sim Settlements Conqueror Faction Pack- Minutemen (Liberators) by: ChoiceSpecsMawile
  8. VintageRawr

    Solved Uninstalling Conqueror (Faction Pack)

    So I've been having issue with the Minutemen Faction Pack doing hinky stuff like making my base of operations (Sanctuary) unselectable for supply lines or sending people to. It got really weird when it suddenly gave me the executioner trait and it only gave me the option to execute a...
  9. I

    Minutemen Faction inquiry

    I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding the minutemen faction pack? Does anyone know if anyone has picked it up since it was abandoned or if someone is making another one? Im just curious as it is one of my favorite faction especially with all the mods i have installed for them.
  10. U

    Suggestion Conqueror-Triggermen faction

    I have another suggestion for a Sim Settlements - Conqueror faction. The Triggermen! Think about it, a mafia-style gang vying for control of the Commonwealth!
  11. U

    Suggestion Conqueror-Children of Atom faction

    Hi there, kinggath! Love your Sim Settlement mods! They're really shaping up to be something special! I know you're busy, and I realize that someone may have suggested this already, but I just wanted to be sure. As you can no doubt tell from the name of this thread, I think if would be really...
  12. G

    Question How do I make my settlement recruit from the brotherhood of steel

    I'm in the brotherhood faction and have all the mods for it but I cant get it to recruit brotherhood
  13. Rojobow

    Fusion Core Mechanics Guild(FCMG)

    CONQUEROR ADD ON FACTION :Fusion Core Mechanics Guild(FCMG) possible names? Uranium BioMech Engineers Commonwealth Scrap Co. C.I.T. Engineer's Core Kinggath just had a play through video where he made an excellent suggestion that there be a mod where in order to Fast Travel you must pay a % of...
  14. Otherwhere

    Old Post Can't get MJC Pillars of the Communty Faction to work

    XBox. I snapped up the new Faction and can't get the war desk to show the faction. ?? The Pillars quest completed while I was still in the initial creation screen. ?? I went to the Charles View Amphitheater anyway and became a Pillar (joined by giving them all my stuff). Went off and helped...
  15. Rudy

    Not a bug Faction Packs fail to load in War Desk

    Issue: With 4 faction packs running, none show up in the War Desk Original Thread: War Desk not showing factions. I have 4 installed to test Status: Bug Reported Details: I'm not sure how to report this one as it is likely involving a bad Faction Pack that is stomping on the others. The original...
  16. VersusXV

    Old Post [WIP] Super Mutant Playable Faction for Conqueror

    Super Mutants as a Playable Faction for Conqueror Highly Recommended for use alongside this: Super Mutant Redux by ThirdStorm
  17. VersusXV

    Discussion Which Custom Faction will you be making or are hoping will be made?

    With the faction toolkit coming some time in the future, I'm curious what people are planning to make. I think I'll do a smaller scale one for at first then later do a more major one. The smaller one would be focused on just gameplay side, I'd like a strong to OP faction that could be useful...
  18. RayBo


  19. T

    Faction Salvagers

    Huge fan of this mod. It's the most "realism-friendly" method of dealing with the tedium of looting scrap I've seen. It would be great if, once the player has joined a faction, they were able to replace the rags wearing salvagers with salvage teams from their faction. Minutemen soldiers...