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bug fix

  1. N

    PC - C2D after viewing item Junk Sculpture - Bowling Trophy [Quest: Not All Artists Starve]

    Hi! I've already solved my issue, but want to help so I'll post the bug and player-side solution here. Edit: After continued play for a bit, a new follow-up quest Short version: Main issues Quest: [Not All Artists Starve] 1: After retrieving the desired item from quest giver, makes player...
  2. B

    Primary Bug Report New Plots on the Block - Jake won't build new plot types

    When Jake is building the other plot types, such as commercial and martial, he won't interact with it. When auto assign is on, the other settlers stop him from using it. When auto assign is off, he just doesn't do anything. Does anyone know ho to fix this? I don't have any saves before this...
  3. Tinuvia

    Update 1.0.2 Atom's Glory - adds 6 building skins and bugfixes

    Update 1.0.2 Adds 6 new Atom themed skins for the Sim Settlements building plans; all the vanilla interior shops. Fixes a very weird bug that could cause the Conqueror supermutant Maul to not appear. Fixes the radiant quest "Gather Atom's Glow" so that it gives new locations after you have...
  4. M

    Question Sim Conqueror (WallBustings): Ophelia won't recognize any walls as being placed.

    Can't get past "Build a wall piece for Ophelia", tried setstage and completequest commands, but after a while sqt just stopped working and refused to bring up any more quest IDs. Really enjoying the mod so far, would hate to have my experience cut short by such a minor issue. I've tried...
  5. [Redacted]

    Question Assault stuck "in progress"

    Whenever i try to start an assault via speaking to Jammer, he will ask me to select a location. After i select a location, i receive a notification telling me "an assault is in progress, finish the assault or wait 24 hours for it to be abandoned." I have only completed one assault so far...
  6. C

    Inaccurate settment resource values

    Hi All, Just thought I'd post a fix to a bug I was experiencing. I created a foundation for Tenpines bluff on a fresh new playthrough, and suddenly it was giving me +100 of water causing it to get raided everyday. At lvl 10 with only 5 settlers, it couldn't fast-travel there without it getting...