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Xbox Xbox Issues


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Have you been getting any feedback from Xbox users? Throught the last few updates I was testing something else so did not really notice the changes that were being made. Now I have started a new game and have noticed the changes.

So far I have only got one test done completely, but I have a list to do on a vanilla save. It is the only way on Xbox, we also have no luxury to revert back to back to an older version of the mod.

The test that is complete and the only answer I have was on a settler mod Beautiful Female settlers. It has stopped spawning to settlements, yet spawns for random spawns, IE the patients for the traveling Doc. Same LO minus WSFW spawns as the mod was designed.
This mod was working with WSFW several updates ago.

Other strange things are consumables. If you don't switch the setting in the holotape to consume the basics, your settlers will consume everything not basic first. They eat everything you have added, meat and pre war food before they touch anything else. Only after all that is gone will they consume tatos mutfruit etc. If you add 100 dirty water all that will be consumed before they touch purified water.
Throwing the switch in the holotape does seem to resolve this, but should the default not be "consume the basics"? Xbox users don't always figure out the settings well.

Going into workshop mode my screen darkens significantly with and with out NAC there does not seem to be a switch for this. Clear weather in Plus has also now become incompatible with NAC for now. I just briefly tested. I have had freezes crashes, but mainly coming out of workshop mode the game either goes super bright or super dark.

Next is using outside workbenches just outside a settlement. There were so many improvements in the early updates but somewhere in the recent past we went backwards. There were some improvements to getting a workbench located just inside a cell that is a cell that part of the settlement but still outside the settlement. Without WSFW you would get a warning and then be kicked out of workshop mode. Now we can move that bench within the cell but still have to be outside the settlement border. The problem comes because we have to move those benches inside the cell because the workbench radius have all been messed up. I have briefly tested a bunch but am working on the Airport now because I saw the biggest change there.
At the Airport the radius for my workbench is 2 tiles or 512 game units for scrapping and about a half tile for placing. Also Place Anywhere had improvements for staying working while outside the settlements but when you move the workbench within the cell that is also part of the settlement it will not function even briefly.
I am going back to continue testing this feature I don't knowmuch yet those are just early observations.
I would ask a question if Xbox users could get an early version of this and plus placed in the WIP section so we could revert back to a more stable version on Xbox?


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Sorry I never got back to this but it takes two to have a conversation. Things are unchanged today The airport still behaves in a strange fashion but I have found work a rounds to accommodate. Although the return of a bus and car that I have scrapped, every-time the cell resets gets old and the outside workbench has a radius of about 1000 units instead of the 5000 it is set too.
The food is still consume all none basics before basics, but the switch works so I use it.
Again having the switches set to off or not making any changes on an update would be better for Xbox users as we can't revert back and sometimes these changes break things. As in the activation switches in W+ don't work so all my option button features are broken, reported elsewhere.
The fix for "Beautiful Settlers" seems to work most of the time however sometimes the scripts get messed up and I only get vanilla settlers until the pathing scripts all seem to catch up. That is a best guess, at what is going on, I create pathing script issues in most of my games but my builds are complex and hard for the game to path.
The result is easy to see when things are not functioning because you get a vanilla male in female clothes. It only fails shortly after a big build or several big builds to a point of males in DLC female clothes.
There is a different ratio in males to females than I have seen in the past, but I will call this a plus, as 80% females is too much, it is sort of even now 50/50. I am hoping the advanced option and thread count being reduced helps this, but only time will tell.

Without cheats the food that gets consumed first is very rare, especially dirty water and having them consumed first at the beginning of a game is painful. Might I suggest limits as in 20 items appears to be zero. So if I have 26 deathclaw meat it will be comsumed down to 20 and stop being consumed. Having it go to zero before a settler consumes a mutfruit or tato does not seem to be what was intended. For dirty water a very rare resource maybe 50 or 100. Having a feature that has to be turned off does not seem like a feature.
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