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    I just uploaded the 2.1.8 build of Sim Settlements to the Xbox Work-in-Progress section, you can favorite it here:

    Do NOT use with this with your 3.0 saves. Read the entire description on that page if you plan on using this.

    It's meant to be a stable version of Sim Settlements Xbox players who are struggling with the new features can start new saves with (or use pre 3.0 saves), until we get the new game play elements better optimized for Xbox. I would encourage as many of you as possible to stick with us on the 3.0 adventures as your feedback is the only way we can realistically get the Xbox version working well.

    If you decide to use this, please let me know if this is working for you - I've never uploaded an old version through the Creation Kit before, so I'm not positive if it went up correctly.

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