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XB1 - No flight since last update


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Hello! First of all, I absolutely adore this mod. Which is why I'm so bummed that the flight's not working, I've come to rely on it quite heavily. :D I've noticed it stopped working after the last WS Framework/WS Plus updates. Toggling it off and on doesn't fix that like it has in the past. It is not working at both vanilla and custom settlements.

I know this isn't primarily an Xbox mod, but I wanted to make the issue known all the same. Thanks for all your hard work in the modding community.


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Uncertain why you guys can't fly - I use this mod every day and that feature definitely still works. I know there are conflicts with jetpacks that prevent it from working. I've also had some people report that they need Sim Settlements after Workshop Framework for it to work for them - though that doesn't make sense...