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Which settlements do you usually vassalize?


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I'm curious, which settlements do you usually vassalize, which you turn to outposts and which to outposts to slaves?

I personally turn all farms to vassals and places like Red Rocket and Starlight Drivein as outpost.


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Good question.

Given a recent patch where an underground location will work, so I have two locations for alt-main bases when starting a game.

Highly - Recommended below ground:
The Forgotten Vault Settlement Into Darkness

I feel the below-ground gives the player some serious advantages in performance and stability. This particular below ground settlement has immersive advantages of several access points to above-ground locations. Also, a SS author so you know the workshop is correctly set-up.

Highly - Recommended above ground and an alternative to Sanctuary.
Settlements Redone - Lakeside Cabin Settlement by Tarsis31 and Yagisan

Also, a SS author so you know the workshop is correctly set-up.

As a mid-game locations here are two others I love!
by Pra and Neeher
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