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Where is "Refresh local plots" tool?


I'm running into some things like power and water plots not providing their resource, that Refresh Plot appears to fix. In SS1 there was a tool to "refresh all local plots" that I'd just as soon run rather than hunt down and diagnose specific plots in specific settlements, where is this tool/does it exist in SS2?

Related, where is the equivalent of the SS1 Plots Report, so I can have some idea how many of which type of plot I have?

Din'elen DarkStar

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City Planner (S3)
There is none of either yet. Unless you are running a city plan there is a refresh city plan tool in the desk. But it takes forever.


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I’m also waiting for this was one of the nice features of ss1 and conquers to sort any issues with upgrades.


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I'm very much interested in this tool for SS2. There is nothing more tedious, or frustrating, than doing settlement upgrades, waiting for them to finish, only to return to the settlement and having half the plots still showing resource deficiencies. I then have to go to each plot and do a refresh to get them to update.