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    Welcome to Taffington Commune, a place where you can come and relax and escape the wasteland. Grab some fish and roast it in the fire pit, grab some new gear at the weapons and armor vendors. Take a load off in the flop house and brothel, complete with Roadhouse bar and smoking lounge and yes we are 420 friendly. So grab some herb from the garden and enjoy your stay.

    Taffington Commune is a secure compound with security checkpoints at each end and a snipers tower. The bar is fully stocked by the on site distillery and logistics station.

    4x commercial plots
    3x martial plots
    3x industrial plots
    2x recreational plots
    2x agricultural plots
    1x residential plots

    it is a flop house so most beds are just mattresses on the floor. has armor and weapons workbenches and power armor station in the boat house.


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