War Planner's Desk in City Plans

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    When building the Master's Contest settlement this month, I had a thought about the War Planner's desk. There have been a couple times in this settlement and previous ones when it might've been nice to pre-place a WP desk. Doing so is always outside the rules of the contests, though, because it'd mandate use of the Conqueror mod.

    In the PBP files, though, is a copy of the empty wooden desk the WP desk is built from. Would it be possible somewhere down the road to create a copy of that empty desk in the PBP file that when activated would look to see if you have Conqueror installed and if so, replace itself with the WP desk?

    In theory, the same could also work for some of the alternate CP desks that have been released over the last couple years, though admittedly that one would be quite a bit more complicated.

    I just figured I'd pass the idea, in case anyone on the team wanted to consider running with it. I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but since it pertains primarily to the City Plan Contest, I figured I'd drop it here and let the mods move it, if necessary.

    Happy building, everyone!

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    In my latest build, A raider themed castle I have in the over bosses house set up a small room for jammer and a place for the war planers desk to go. I have also added placement for an additional 15 beds. For all my builds this coming year I am taking into consideration that they are one a raider themed settlement, two have a purpose, be it industry commerce food water etc. three they have placement for more beds and finally look like something that people could pull together, no over the top builds keep it simple keep it messy.
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