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Old Post Vassals management and other raiders options


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ATM one can manage very little of vassal settlement; we can take a limited control, without the option of changing plans and the bug of not being able to pay deficit. We can build more farms if those arent enough to fill the hungry bellies of our raider at the outpost but we have no control on how much food we receive.
What i suggest is giving options like:
1-give us all excess food, that i think is the present option; the farm settlement will keep food to feed his settlers and send the remaining part to us
2-give us X % of the food you make; obviously if they send us more food and they dont have enough for themselves their population wont grow and some settlers could also starve and die while if they can keep a bit of surplus they will have more growth and send more to us in the future.

Would also be interesting a different kind of settlement assault, just send a group there and ask for money and food: if they pay we earned some easy resouces and the settlement will remain there to milk in the near future, without having to keep raiders there, if they dont we have to decide if forgetting it, and lose some authority for further menaces, or go all in and subjugate the rebel settlers that sure would have spent their resources to pay gunners or whatever to defend from us.

Last, for now, suggestion: it would be nice and in theme with the campaign be able to take the place of enemy raider gangs: for example if we kill the Forged we can use Saugus as an outpost