Updates for Wasteland Venturers 1 and 2 - with a total of 13 new plots

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    WV2: Update 2.0.0
    (The All-in-One is also updated to 2.0.0 and includes WV1 v7.2.0)
    • adds 9 new plots – a huge metallic martial man and a detective agency, an interior tailor, four homes; including an airship and a junk wall backed home, a farm/home combo and finally, a dirty and bedraggled bar.
    • Support for Build Limit calculation (new Sim Settlements functionality)
    • Removes the (broken) Tech Tree visualization for the Townhouses
    • Townhouses and the new FarmHome are set to Player Select since extra bed plots aren’t yet fully supported in the Sim Settlements HUD (They won´t add to the HUD home meter, but will add to the workshop home meter. This may or may not matter, depending on your play style and the state of your settlements.)
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    WV1: Update 7.2.0

    • Adds four new interior plots, 3 homes and 1 shop: Rock the Boat, The Old Man and the Glowing Sea, A Rose by Any Name, Bullseye Weapons
    • Adds support for Build limit calculations (new Sim Settlements functionality)
    • Minor fixes to Tinkerer Digs, Couch Dreams, Fisherman's Hut and Winking Molerat
    Bethesda PC
    Bethesda XB1




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