Update 5.0.0 for Wasteland Venturers - 6 + 1 new buildings

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    Update 5.0.0 (WV2 and AIO):
    • 6 new buildings! Radical Armaments sells Pack armor, thanks to Captain Coots’ excellent tutorial and Eldarth’s scripting magic. Gung-Ho Weapons is a platoon-era badassery marine style gun shop. The two Ruin Homes are ruined. The Flaming Gate takes you down memory lane to the glorious past of Oblivion. Watch out for scamps! Last but not least, crooked winding staircases lead up to a seedy nest of whoring witches, in the Crow’s Nest residential plot.
    • Fixed the vendor in the Dying Light bar level 2 and level 3.

    Update 7.4.1 (WV1):
    • Adds a heavy agricultural (3x3) coffee plantation plot. (The build message says it can be customized, but the 3x3 plots lack this feature with the current version of SS.)
    • Adds 9 new items to the furniture store; 3 cluttered divider shelves, 4 cluttered wall shelves, one custom lamp and a rocking chair.
    • Reduces the file size with more optimized building plans.
    • Small bug fixes, such as a misplaced lamp in Nuclear Nellie’s bar.

    REFRESH any plots that look like they are missing pieces (option in the ASAM-sensor of the plots).

    Get the updates here:
    PC Nexus WV1
    PC Nexus WV2 and All-In-One
    XBOX WV1
    XBOX WV2
    PC Bethnet WV1
    PC Bethnet WV2




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