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Translation help


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I've had this mod translated for weeks, but I'm translating SS2 (headache)

Some things escape me. For example, what is STR? It's used a lot in a lot of descriptions and I still don't know what it is.
I can see the roofs in game, but STR eludes me.

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Looking at the other forms I would guess that STR stands for "straight" - the simple, base form, in comparison to angled, top, bottom etc. Bethesda uses the same naming convention for their toolkits so it's easier for level designers to find the different pieces. This talk by Joel Burgess from Bethesda Game Studio describes it in more detail (just if you are very nerdy and interested in the background of Bethesda's modular design concept).

EDIT: This talk from 2013 probably has better info on the naming system. Like here:

"As an example, let's analyze a piece from Fallout 3, named "UtlBayCorInMidPRTT01L01". If we break the naming convention down, it consists of the following components:
  • Utl - This indicates that it's a piece of the Utility Kit.
  • Bay - Indicates it's a member of the Bay sub-kit.
  • Cor - Cor is our shorthand for "Corner", usually followed by "In" or "Out"
  • In - This tells us it's an "Inside" corner. "Outside" corners bend the opposite way.
  • Mid - This is common shorthand for a tiling piece, usually a floor. In this case the bay sub-kit tiles vertically.
  • PRTT01 - No clue.
  • L - "Left" We often use L/R at the end of a name to indicate mirrored versions of a piece.
  • 01 - Indicates that this may have visual variants. Discussed in detail later."
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I thought this terminology was SS2 stuff. I don't know if I'm nerdy but I'm good at learning.
The truth is that this clarifies a lot for me. I imagine that this information has not been easy to find and for that I am grateful.

I have a lot of patience searching. I re-organized the entire Homemaker and WRK won't resist me! I will use my own terminology for now.
Thanks for the help, it is exactly the information I needed. Sometimes "I get stuck in a bucket of water." :acute