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The Slog - The Commonwealth's best artificial oasis


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So I wasn't able to resolve my physics object issues, which unfortunately means that (as far as I know) this settlement will never work exactly as I designed it. Nevertheless, I really like it and I want to share it as is.
"Welcome to The Slog! We're the only tarberry bog in the Commonwealth. I'm not sure why you came down the river to get here, but if you're looking to trade, you're welcome here."

"If you head over to the old poolhouse, you'll find our bar - I recommend trying the mutfruit wine. We got a good batch this year."

"The room on the other side belongs to our staff. Please do them the courtesy of not inviting yourself in."

"We're lucky to have folks with such green thumbs living here. As you can see, our crops are growing like crazy."

"Some of them actually managed to get some trees growing up good and strong, too. They liked them so much, they decided treehouses were the best way to live."

ScreenShot119.png ScreenShot116.pngScreenShot121.png
"Oh, you're off already? Alright, it's a shame you couldn't join us for longer. Maybe next time. Safe travels, friend."


And, of course, a view from above:


The foliage does kind of get in the way from up here, but you get a decent idea of the overall settlement.

This settlement is built to accommodate 14 settlers living in one custom built bedroom, four interior residential plots, and nine 2x2 residential plots. Work is provided in the form of one recreational, one interior commercial, three basic industrial, one interior and one 1x1 exterior martial, and five agricultural plots, plus one settler harvesting tarberries and one manning the city planner's desk. Defense is a little low, so attacks may occur. The river entrance is the least defended, with only two turrets, while the front has both the martial plots in addition to two turrets on top of the poolhouse itself. There's a wall that goes most of the way around, only leaving out areas where the landscape makes it unnecessary.

Construction's as complete as I can expect to have time for at this point, so I guess this'll be my final submission once I get the save uploaded and everything tomorrow.

Save link:
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Now that the top three have been selected, I'm going to reveal a bit more about this settlement.

First, we have the entity that I never gave a proper name (though I did consider Slog'shoggoth). The story was going to be that worship of him is what granted the Slog the fertile crops and strong green growth seen in and around the settlement. At the foundation level, he'd appear as so:ScreenShot99.png ScreenShot98.png
As the city developed, sacrificial offerings would shift from crops (foundation) to meat (level 1), then to animal corpses (level 2), and finally human sacrifices (level 3). Those would appear more as so:
ScreenShot100.png ScreenShot101.png
These screenshots were taken before I'd fully built up the settlement, as this was to be the core feature.

Unfortunately, I discovered (by reading another thread on here) that physics objects placed in city plans will act as a normal physics object would even if they'd had physics disabled when the plan was exported. What that meant in particular for this creature was that his eyes would vibrate their way out of his skull and fall to the ground somewhere nearby. I tried a bunch of alternatives, but I couldn't find anything that came close to that stare.

There are a few other points I'm not really satisfied with about the plan, but the deadline came up before I could figure out a good solution. That, combined with the guarantee that a core feature wouldn't work as intended, means that I've requested for this city plan to be excluded from the city plan mega pack.

Here's to hoping July's doesn't run into such issues!


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City Planner (S3)
Holy hell that's awesome looking! Definitely save that for another city plan :)


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Weise, that is 10,000 kinds of terrifying and awesome. I'm sad to hear it didn't make it in, but I hope you get to use more of that creativity in your next plans!!