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Survival Volunteers - ALPHA Testers - Horror Overhaul


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I am working on an overhaul - from many hours of inspiration of so many mods - and after years of making game patches - I realized I have basically got an ESL tagged ESP (no scripts, no build mods, no huge game mechanic) .... that is absolutely just game setting mechanics from the vanilla game.

As I mentioned in another post for @Whisper you will need his turrets to even have a marginal chance of a settlement attack - especially with SKK Settlement Attacks and Pack Attack (with boss level clones)....

Unleveled/unscaled. All weapons and items available at Level 1 - ANNNND all the enemies as well. Loot drops will be higher items, but perhaps less rare. Levels unlocked for all enemies - 2nd time through an area will crush you.

Elimination of XP for many things, except for making food (survival right?) - no more level 20 after building up Sanctuary - progression very slow.

So as the Railroad's Assaultron would say: "Probability of Survival: 0%" - even most of the OP gun mods will barely give you a marginal victory. If you use the Kriss Vector, I can provide a patch that will give you a chance.

Everything is harder - so you tough survival players that think you are tough, let me know. I would like to get 5 to 10 people who would / will be starting a new game next Friday, October 2nd. This will allow me to finish up some items and the weekend for you to die.

Feedback will be wanted, especially about the vanilla weapons (yes, I upgraded, but not sure if enough)... I have not changed food / drinks / drugs - though I have ideas and want to see what ya'all would think to make it better - or what would allow you to survive.

I made this to go along with GRIM or Whispering Silent Hill ... an absolute horror show.

Let me know if you are interested and see if you can just simply get out of Vault111.....