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    Guys, my first military outpost was Red Rocket but I changed it to Fort Independence after I took it back from the sea monster. But after that, my supply lines (which get created automatically after you take a vassal or create an outpost) disappeared.
    How to get them back? Any ideas? As I know in Conquerors we should not use the vanilla suppliers. But how to create a new one. If I conquer the settlement, it will create a new one but the settlements are already my vassals. How to renew the lines with the new main outpost?
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    The Castle is too far away for the supply lines to reach there. If you want them to reconnect you need to establish vassals and/or outposts back towards your other vassals in order to connect them to the castle. For example, Castle > Jamaica Plain > Hangmans > Graygarden should do the trick.

    Edit- If you hover over an outpost icon on the map, the settlements within range for a vassal/supply line will have their icons change.
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