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    Hey Kingath,
    First of all, thank you very much for your work with Fallout 4. The game is better for it. My suggestion is a chest that all material you leave in the with the salvage beacon gets dropped of if a specific chest. basically I am really like to organize much of my stuff, and I like to track what resources I am low on. I solve this issue by using the recycler in manufacturing extended to break down all junk into its component parts. I also like to RP a bit by storing food in a refrigerator and the like. I think that the mod could be improved by setting a specific chest in each settlement that anything brought to it by a salvage beacon would be deposited into. I don't think I am the only crazy fool who sorts their stuff like that and would benefit from not having to go through the workshop to find everything dropped off to sort. Just a very low priority suggestion. Even if this isn't possible, or worth the effort, I still love the mod and one of the endorsements on the Nexus is mine.

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