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Suggestion Starting quest/tutorial


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Edit : Please READ me if you want to reply. And if it’s too long, let me say this: don’t assume that when I say tutorial I mean it should have tons of explanation. I used the term starter quest first because it’s a better representation of what I meant.

First let me remind everyone of how much I love this mod and the community.

There is, in my opinion, a huge failing from Sim Settlement regarding how it introduces itself to the player. I understand that at this point the vast majority of the player base doesn’t need a tutorial, as far as the base game I have not needed one for a long time but the fact that new players still every once in a while need to be told to find the holotape should be kind of a red flag. This mod is too old to not have remedied to the situation. And I think it needs a tutorial of some sort. Not an in depth one but something.

I’d like to point out to two quest as to how it could (should?) be handled. The first is from a mod called Settlement tidy bot. It’s a super simple quest that say to go to an area (vault 111) and find something interesting. And when you do there is some text explaining the mod and that’s it. If when a player started a game it started a quest called Sim Settlements telling them to visit city buildings (or flat out direct them) to where the holotape is that would make every player know from the beginning why they can’t build anything right after getting out of the vault.

The other quest is the Sturges quest to rebuild Sanctuary. It could have all been done via text and didn’t give out too much but made sure the player understood the basics. It could be as simple as directing the player to build a residential plot and a work plot and maybe an optional to build a city planner desk. It could be more (a martial, an industrial, agricultural etc) but I think it’s probably better downplayed than forcing the player to build a bigger amount.

And then there is Conqueror, especially for any non raider player. Right now Im trying my best to use it and if it wasn’t for other people posting here I might have abandoned out of frustration because I have no idea how I’m failing other than I know I’m failing.

I will refer to the two quests I mentioned previously as basis of how it could be handled. There Might be better ways. But that’s the best I got.

Again, love the mod, love the community, but I think new players shouldn’t be left so in the dark that they come here to ask how to get started in either Conquer or SS.
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By coincidence I've also been brainstorming a Minutemen faction questline for some time, including a Jammer replacement. If it does sound a bit similar, It's coincidence, as I have not read this thread untill @VersusXV linked me to it over on discord.

My Brainstorming doc is here.

I have enabled commenting for everyone.

It's far from complete, especially in regards to Christine (AKA Not-Jammer).

I'd go for this. I don't really do minutemen too much ( I like actual motives instead of being the failsafe) but I would be willing to do a Minuteman run if it had some beef in its story arc.