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SS2 City Plan Contest Rules


There is no need to remove the existing crops to add agricultural plots. Both can work together in the settlement. If you are using the addons (and you should) there is a wide variety of agriculture plots, some look like additional crops, other like kitchens, and a wide variety of other styles. There bound to be at least one that you think will suit your idea.
Yes there are very creative and pretty farm plots out there (and I never have enough space or reason to use all the ones I want :sad) , my concern is more, that I don't want to do them in the lvl zero plan, since I believe the other City-Needs to take precedence. But since you already cleared that up, I will just ignore the Assistant in that singular case and add them at a later lvl. Thank you very much again.


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There is some funkyness issues with The Castle settlement used for the March 2022 contest. These bugs are not part of the city plan contest mod. These issues appear to be manifesting with activator type objects and power lines. If your entry is affected, these issues will not be counted against you.