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    Well I finally figured out the whole video recording since screenshots just do not seem to do settlements justice anymore. They also do not show off the work some of you have put into making these plots.

    I aint the greatest decorator as lots of the living areas simply have just a bed with a intention of going back to decorate.

    PS @Tinuvia there is your COA VR Atomic Crater City. I aint really done with it, but I just had to show some people. The build area in the VR is just huge, the settlement border go to like the edge of the hills you see in the background. So it is very hard to figure out where to end.

    On top of that I kinda lost interest putting more time into the VR Atomic Crater because with Place Everywhere I can literally move all the terrain around. Which kinda inspired me to start over and move all the terrain and then build.

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