Suggestion Some kind of WRE allowance for the Concord 4+1?

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    I just realized what's been going on, and why other people aren't running into this the way I have been.

    If you plonk down a War Desk you get WRE of 50 across the board - so 50 rations. But if you're using a Minutemen faction pack, have pre-conquered most of the Commonwealth with nasties, and are most likely starting out in Sanctuary..... then the Concord 5 eat all your starting rations. That's why I kept getting confused when people told me about the "first 5" I would recruit after building a War Desk. They're probably in Starlight or something rational. So they start with +50 rations in an empty settlement.

    But in SH, you start at break-even if you don't recruit anyone or don't immediately put the Concord 5 to work on farms, then go thru the process of letting the farms upgrade, etc. It's a much slower start. I would start with +5 rations or something silly and not understand WTF everyone was talking about.

    Is there any way to exempt the 4 named Concord refugees from Rations requirements? I only suggest this coz it seems likely that most Minutemen faction-pack users, using the pre-conquered system, will be stuck with Sanctuary Hills as their start and therefore have these four lunatics after getting Generalified by Preston. Or any better idea to get around this, really, I'm not sure myself what the best option is.
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    I usually don't have this issue when I play because I use the Red Rocket as HQ for the minutemen and vassalize sanctuary later on, but a good strat for getting a lot of soldiers with no vassals is to have all of your soldiers work WRE (While still tagged as soldiers), so that you get a refund for the equipment and rations they consume. You could do the same with the settlers in Sanctuary. Just have them work the farms.

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