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Question Soliciting Saugus start conditions?


I've been working through the Conqueror questline and finished "Testing 1 2 3" a couple of in-game days ago. I think the next major quest is Soliciting Saugus, but I am not sure what Conqueror expects tin order to start it. Here's where my progress stands for some of the quests and locations involved. Do any of these need to be advanced or changed in order to start the Soliciting Saugus quest and complete it successfully? (For example am I better off conquering Finch Farm right away, or should I wait until Soliciting Saugus is over?)

10 outposts
13 vassals

Finch Farm: scouted, but not not conquered yet
Saugus Ironworks: discovered but not entered or cleared
Dunwich Borers: discovered but not entered or cleared
Hugo's Hole: not discovered yet

Out of the Fire: not started yet, and haven't yet met Abraham or Jake
UPDATE: Several in-game days later, all main Commonwealth settlements have been conquered except for Finch Farm, Vault 88, and Spectacle Island. Unexpectedly
the quest "Becoming the Conqueror" kicked off, starting a big invasion by the Minutemen of my HQ at Sunshine Tidings. Awesome!

However Soliciting Saugus and all the following quests beyond that still haven't started. Checking behind the scenes, the console command "sqs kgConq_MMC11_SolicitingSaugus" shows a status of Running, Current Stage: 5, with stages 1 and 5 done, 10 and all following stages not set.

Anyone who's successfully done this quest, can you post back if you had conquered Finch Farm first or not? Much appreciated!
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