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Solved Soldiers not being recruited


New Member
basically that's my problem, but before you say "just turn off soldier needs" or "make sure you have enough resources", yes I did turn off soldier needs and waited a day. I even turned it on, waited a day, then turned it back off, waited another day, and my soldier count stayed at 3. And when I say I waited a day I mean I sat there, on the bench for a whole fallout day, 3 days and 3 nights. And I don't have enough agricultural but that's irrelevant because of the aforementioned 'Soldier needs' being off. so some help would be GREATLY appreciated because I'm really confused and really want to get back to enjoying the mod.


New Member
Having the same (but worse) issue. I had 40 soldiers and went on an assault. Now I only have 6 soldiers 20 days later and no guards or patrols at my vassal. All my soldiers just disappeared.