Question Shelter Mechanic in MCM has slightly misleading name and/or might be bugged

Discussion in 'Workshop Framework (Mod Questions Here)' started by spacefiddle, May 21, 2020.

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    The tooltip says "the shelter mechanic is buggy," and so I turned "Shelter Mechanic" to OFF, believing I would be turning off this buggy mechanic.

    It turns out this setting is actually for the shelter mechanic FIX, and should be left ON.

    Maybe rename this option to "Shelter Mechanic Fix?" The description says "this option will bypass the problem," but that still implies you bypass it by turning the bad mechanic off :)

    Edit: Actually, this may be having issues.
    Home Plots: 100%
    Bed Score: 10/10

    Shelter Score: 2/10

    This is even after manually running the Shelter Fix.
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