Suggestion Settlement radiant quest plot?

Discussion in 'SS Mod (Mod Suggestions Here)' started by Bored Peon, Jun 29, 2019.

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    So I came up with hits in a roundabout way. I have been struggling with the Conquest mortal settlers issue as in I can not recruit them fast enough. Having a higher happiness would increase that chance due to the "recently helped happiness buff." It could also offset that recent death debuff as well.

    So I go to thinking it would be nice to have access to radiant quests for a settlement, instead of that extremely low chance that already exists. Due to the violent nature of survival I have had many deaths where I lost a radiant given earlier and save scumming to get it back just does not work.

    I got to thinking a martial plot with a mission board or something would be the best approach. Since attaching it to a NPC that could be re-assigned, die, etc can cause issues a terminal would work better.

    The radiant quests could be clear areas, kill mobs, or retrieve items the settlement may need.
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    Bounty boards on conqueror seems to be pointed in that direction. Besides the conqueror side missions, it seems to have a few random quests thrown in like investigate Jamaica plains and check out the museum of witchcraft. Well, those are the 2 I have seen so far anyway, lol. Maybe more mod authors could integrate random quests with their faction pack raid boards.

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