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Scavvers Delight stuck at terminal


New Member
So ive had a few problems with Jake just standing idle and only teleports around.
But ive managed to bypass that with a few tricks. But now im at the Quest Scavvers Delight.
And Jakes supposed to interract with the terminal but he just stands there idle not moving or doing anything. And when i try to talk to him it tells me he is busy.
Ive been stuck here for an hour now. Tried to use console commands to skip the parts of the quest but dosnt help either.
Dont know what to do or whats causing said problem.
Ive attached my Mod list and Load order.


  • loadorder.txt
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drop a save, click on Jake in the console. Try the console commands ‘disable’ then ‘enable’. See if that resets him.

If it doesn’t, then I’d suggest rolling back your save until the last point he was working. It sounds like an AI package issue.

Captain LaserBeam

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I've had that happen a few times and what I did was leave the cell (Olivia), go back to sanctuary, then come back to Olivia and go back inside and Jake suddenly springs to action. Also exiting the game and reloading it sometimes fixes it as well because it will sometimes restart the AI package. I've also had it happen all the time in the vanilla game with Deacon in Tradecraft when he is supposed to unlock the terminal. Stupid terminals.