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Suggestion RotC City Plans Revisited

Opi Vali

Active Member
I would like to see a new contest series call City Plans Rise of the Commonwealth Revisited. The idea being that we have learned so much more about how things work and there have been so many changes to the mods that getting the RotC city plans refreshed just makes sense. The object would be to have all the plots updated in the accordance with the updates that have been made. Like the merchant plots updated to use both the outfit and dynamics display inventory. They would be designed to accommodate both room for the player to add plots for conqueror, but built to reduce the CTD.

I see it kind of like a master contest, but longer. That way the designers can take their time and tweak and fiddle to their perfectionist heart’s content. I’d start off by asking how long everyone would want to have to work on such a endeavor. Then they can be tested for as long as needed to ensure to the best of both the designers and testers desire for protectionism.