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    Ive been building (and tearing down) a lot of Settlements lately. While I do it I use the City Plan Contest - Check My Settlement tool to see how everything is balancing out.
    Unfortunately the CMS is really more suited to the Monthly Contest and doesnt work well enough for general Settlement Building.
    My request, since I cant create something like this myself, is for some smart and willing modder to create a Holotape (or a subsection of an existing Holotape) that is specifically designed for City Planners and Settlement Builders.
    A more advanced version of the CMS tool that would check each Level (without the rules or restrictions of the monthly contest) and give correct and as detailed as possible feedback on how each level is working
    A tool that links a bit better with the Citizen Needs meter. I always have conflicting info between them.
    Ex.- The Needs Meter will have all bars full, but the Check Settlement results will say I need more Food/Water/Power or the CMS result will say I have a excess, but the meters arent full.
    I never know what is the correct info.
    A tool that would also give a bit clearer data on the Maint vs Caps meter. Like raw numbers and/or %
    Im sure there a many features that could be added to such a tool that would greatly benefit City Planners and Settlement Builders.
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