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    The minute men hq is the castle and the strongest economy in the wealth is Dimond city a place where people go for safety from the waste and you. I think that the raiders need their own place where they can be safe, they got a hq and a hand full of outpost but what about an economic centre, where they can buy all chems alcohol and slaves they like.
    Maybe once half or a quarter of the commonwealth has be taken an area of land maybe in Lexington or in thicket excavations (once the quest pull the plug has been finished and the water drains out) a new npc goes to your hq and talks about his grand idea to build a large city for your faction but the way you build it isn’t by building things in the workshop but by purchasing expectations and upgrade and these give large bonuses for your army being a place to buy slaves, chems and alcohol on the cheap as well as generating large amounts of equipment, food and caps to fund the army or a Barricks to store large amounts of troops and a way to train those troops to a higher rank (maybe have it so you have to find certain npcs [like how you find the special venders] to train them into different troop types [support, assault, snipers ect] and/or higher ranks) or like a raider radio it would be pretty cool

    After watching kingath’s phase 2 livestream I’ve added another amendment.
    When taking a location let’s say corvaga you can pay caps to upgrade it like fortifying the large staircases on the outside of the chimneys to turn them into guard towers or digging out a large basement for storing munitions.
    Another idea is that with proper funding, certain settlements or locations could produce something for example in the SW quarter of the commonwealth there’s a settlement with a port, once you’ve taken the settlement you build a city planers desk and there could be a new thing on it like a capstash for investments like fixing the boats and the port and then they could produce lots of rations and a sphere of influence along the river,
    As well as the fort independence if captured you could use the capstash to invest on fixing the walls or fortifying the entrances to increase defence,
    Or Boston airport if you use the capstash to invest in fixing/ building new aircraft (virtibirds, attack plans and bombers) i doubt this could be done but I think it’s a cool concept.
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    I've had this idea for Nuka-World before. A mod where the more outposts and vassals you get the bigger nuka-world gets, for instance all the gaps between the parks get walled up, enemy spawns inside the park stop happening, the parks become more and more built and the areas in-between turn into drug dens, shops, brothels, residences, factories and various other things until the entire park is one huge city.

    It's similar to your idea but focuses mainly around Nuka-World turning into a raider city with the surrounding countryside becoming vassal farms and resource gatherers.
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    Nuka-world probably has a lot of untapped potential for raider/evil characters. I think it should have been content available earlier in the game, a place for "bad guy" characters to find content early on, but, ah well, maybe in another universe.

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