Quest Locations (places to avoid)- minor spoilers

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    I'm curious if there is a list of quest locations in Conqueror that we should avoid visiting before the quest launches (as they may mess up that quest)? The two that I aware of are:

    1. Drumlin Diner
    2. Gorski Cabin

    Any others? Perhaps we can create a list here.
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    3. Superduper Mart.
    4. Corvega.
    5. Federal Rations Stockpile.
    6. Beantown Brewery.
    7. Walden Pond Visitor Centre.
    8. USAF Satellite Station Olivia

    9. Thicket Excavations.
    10. Shaw High School.
    11. Raider Compound between DC gate and Boston Police Rationing.
    12. Slocum Joe HQ.
    13. Saugus Ironworks.
    14. Dunwich Borers

    These are all the locations I can think of, may have missed 1 or 2.
    Kill npc's in any of the bolded locations will interfere with the quest. It won't break it, but you might wind up killing someone you've killed already.
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    FYI, Gorski and Superduper are fine. I've cleared both locations before Jammer's sent me there; in both cases, you just return to find yet more damn ghouls have moved in, and the quest seems to have no issues. Kill new ghouls in Gorski and quest completes; and in SDM you only need to find the item anyway.

    (I think I once cleared Olivia before being sent there, but since it's a "new gang" residing in the place, it's fine. Dakka doesn't exist before the bounty appears, so I don't believe you'll actually hurt anything. Olivia is weird even without clearing it first; on different occasions, I have found one (1) hostile raider inside the place, standing next to Dakka, who attacked me immediately. Fortunately neither Dakka nor her gang reacted to my defending myself (tho Dakka *does* say her "I will kill whomever did this" line over the body, which was funny) - or sometimes you will find Dead Ack-Ack next to Live Ack-Ack. I have no idea why she'd be dead, but I'm guessing her SSC clone aggroed and killed her Vanilla version!)
    (Side note - I would actually recommend clearing Olivia, personally, because Ack-Ack is a good source of early 5mm ammo =8) we can always pretend that Dakka's sidekick is someone else! Just remember not to pick up that locket, or it'll be in your inventory forever!)
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