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Old Post Psychological Warfare


New Member
It'd be great if some of the charisma perks would influence engagements, even if not always as expected.

Inspirational and Intimidation would both impact troop morale directly, whether granting a combat buff during the raid, or causing defenders to break and flee. Of course, this could be flipped with the chance of special commanders on the defensive side to give your attack grief. A radiant option to spy on a target before launching an assault might give you the heads up you need ahead of time. Likewise, an option to have couple of your men harass a target settlement for a couple of days ahead of time might grant a sleep deprived enemy to swoop in on, or it could backfire and be that extra motivation to hire more guards.

Animal Friend might allow you to charge Brahmin in to scatter defenders, or a radiant quest with Attack Dog might allow you to have a hound master along with his pack. Even cap collector might boost raider morale as there always seems to be a better haul when you are around. Options are really quite numerous.