Question Procedural Gen mods a problem?

Discussion in 'Workshop Framework (Mod Questions Here)' started by MisterKen, Oct 5, 2019.

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    A mod that alters companions says this mod doesn't like procedural gen for NPCs. So I see a sticky about it but not updated in a while. Thought to ask, is there still a problem? What is the problem? What should I expect?
    1) Immersive Wastelanders
    2) Lots More Settlers and Enemies
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    <-- not a modder so have this may not be accurate.
    Companions use AI packages. If another mod assigns a different AI package to the companion, bad things can happen. The range of options includes only 1 AI package being applied (not the baddest of bad), both or more applied at the same time which can cause erratic or inconsistent behavior (more badder) or a CTD as the game shreds itself in a Asminovian quandary.

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