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    Free Build Mode, for those who've forgotten, allows you to build whatever you want, whether or not you have the materials, or perks, that you need. However, I've found vanilla items that I can't build in Free Build Mode.

    Free Build Mode set your resources, including caps, to 999. Now, I know of no settlement objects that require raw materials in anything like that quantity. However, all the tier 3 merchant stores, and some of the tier 2 stores, require 1000, or more, caps.

    As a result, in Free Build Mode, I can't create these, because I don't have the caps. But if I'm not in Free Build Mode, I don't have the perks.

    A somewhat Catch-22 flavour to this, now that I think about it. :)
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    Free build mode is actually the VR workshop mode for the Creation Club's VR Workshop Settlements by fadingsignal. It's used inside the VR settlements to allow building without resources.

    Kinggath discovered that you don't need to own the Creation Club content to access this feature, and he made it so that Workshop Plus could turn it on in regular settlements.

    However, because it's really a VR workshop mode, there are a few edge cases where it may not behave as expected. If I recall, you cannot have functioning stores inside the VR workshops, since then you could buy stuff and transfer resources between VR world and the "real" world. I think stores may even be removed from the build menu in the VR Workshop. Since nothing else requires caps to build, caps are probably omitted from the list of resources that VR workshop mode gives you an infinite quantity of.

    I suggest just using a cheat mod or console commands to temporarily give yourself whatever perks or caps you need.
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    I have had commercial plots run by faction members in the VW that at least meet the conqueror requirements & provides caps. I don’t remember for sure off the top of my head if I was able buy things for sure. I do have a vague feeling that I was able to buy things. Other than just that I can’t add any more than those 2cents to the discussion.

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