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Possible Active Script Creep

@Ravenholme Gonzz sent me a save, and so far the issue seems to be clearing up for me. This makes me think the problem is likely a mod conflict or load order issue. If you can, send me your Plugins.txt file so I can check for anything that stands out.

You can find it under
C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME FOLDER\AppData\Local\Fallout4
My new game was clean for a long while and just this afternoon my game crashed and I found this issue has returned. Still not able to pinpoint what is causing it, could this be related to a mid-save update of workshop framework?
Here's my plugins file too since I'm pretty sure I have the same problem.


  • plugins.txt
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Nothing stands out in either of your lists.

Do the active scripts have the same calls as before?

I believe they are the same. I have been trying to pinpoint an action that causes them but it seems to be random at the moment.
Not sure if this is helpful but the script log shows the scripts with the following state:
State: Waiting on other stack for return (Freeze state: Freezing)
Any errors from WorkshopFramework in your Papyrus.0.log file?
This is just a stack dump, that happens whenever your scripts start to back up, but isn't actually an error.

Can you post the full log?