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City Blueprint (PCSM) Home Plate Rest Stop by Yagisan

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Rebuilding the Commonwealth.
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Home Plate Rest Stop is a small faction outpost and player home. It contains 2 shops, a farm, a martial plot, and an industrial plot. Includes a player bed. Supports 6 settlers.

Known Issues

  • IDEK's Logistics Station may not build. It goes in the only industrial plot.
  • There is no recruitment beacon. You should send 5 settlers to this settlement, with the city leader as the 6th.

Settlement: Home Plate
Requires Version 3.4.2 or Greater of Sim Settlements

Settlement Mod
Home Plate Full Settlement ESL Version

Levels: 1
Balanced: Yes
Max Settlers: 6
Player Home: Bed Only
File Type: ESL
Required DLC
Wasteland Workshop
Far Harbor
Contraptions Workshop
Vault-Tec Workshop

Yagisan's Standard Designer's Choice Mods
Sim Settlements - Industrial Revolution
Sim Settlements - Rise of the Commonwealth
Sim Settlements - IDEK's Logistics Station (ESL Version)
Sim Settlements - Mega Pack - Year One
Sim Settlements - Junk Town
Sim Settlements - Flotsam and Jetsam
Sim Settlements - Wasteland Venturers 2 (All-In-One)
Sim Settlements - Industrial City
Sim Settlements - Ruined Homes and Gardens
Sim Settlements - Scrappers
Sim Settlements - SimHomestead
Sim Settlements - Altairp's Animal Farm
Sim Settlements - Creations By COOTS
Sim Settlements - MrJoseCuervo Addon Pack
Sim Settlements - VaultLand
Sim Settlements - Vault-Tec Tools
Sim Settlements - Awsometown
Sim Settlements - RS Buildings
Sim Settlements - Plots by Paw Paw

Required Structural Mods
Workshop Rearranged
G2M - Workshop
Thematic and Practical
Kraggles Structures

Required Decoration Mods
CREAtive Clutter
Do It Yourshelf
Modular Kitchen

Suggested Decoration Mods
Old World Radio
Lore Friendly Posters
Solar Panels

Yagisan's Suggested Creation Club Items
Home Decor Workshop Pack (cceejfo4001-decorationpack.esl)
Arcade Workshop Pack (ccbgsfo4045-advarccab.esl)
Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack (ccfsvfo4003-slocum.esl)
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