Patch 3.4.2 - City Planner's GO! (AND More)

Discussion in 'Kinggaths Latest News (Archive)' started by kinggath, Aug 31, 2018.

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    Mostly bug fixes, a couple of which were pretty big issues for some players regarding script backup.

    The real important news here is the following:

    - Huge new update to the City Planner's Toolkit - adding tons of new custom items, snap points to many of the existing items, and a full recategorization to make it more user friendly.

    - New Mod released! The City Plan Contest Mod makes it easier than ever to work on City Plans.

    - New forum section! We've created a whole new subforum for the City Plan Contest to give you access to tons of information, a place to enter the contest, and to get help as you go along.

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