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Discussion in 'Sim Settlements Suggestions' started by cbrgamer2, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Sometimes I have problems with plots not appearing in ROTC. Whatever the reason is, I need another residential, and it just won't appear. Or, my job meter is not full and not everybody has a job, but the next job plot just won't appear.
    Now, I know they are supposed to automatically, but sometimes they just don't. Bug, user error, or by design, I don't care. I'd just like to have the ability to go into tools on the holotape and select an option that triggers the next residential plot to appear, as if the game had just realised there was a new settler. There could be a similar option for job plots (which could include the blue men at the stalls that like to disappear sometimes). If all types of that plot were present, a pop up message could tell us that.
    I love how much control I have in Sim Settlements. I can change plot types, reassign settlers, choose building plans, build additional stuff etc - but when a city plan plot fails to appear, I have no control. I just want to be able to tell the game to spawn the plot, I don't care if you don't think it's needed yet, I know it is, so just spawn the damn plot okay!
    (deep breaths)
    Thank you
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    Is it the same as this issue? I have 20 settlers and I see places where I think plots should be but they are just not appearing. Hit me up if you have a solution.

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