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    So I'm in the midst of returning to actually playing Fallout and loading out my current Fallout build, and I've gotten to the bit that contains all my Settlement functionality-type mods, like Workshop Framework & Workshop Plus. I vaguely remember from back when these two first released that there were a few mods that were predicted to either become obsolete or to be able to improve their functionality because of kinggath's rewriting of the code, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were.

    I do remember/see in the changelog that Uncapped Settlement Surplus changes the way it runs certain code if you have Workshop Framework installed, but that's as far as I've gotten. Better Settlement Defense vaguely comes to mind as well, though - is this still needed, or is it now rendered obsolete by WF/WP code?

    I've been searching for a while this evening, but haven't found much of anything on the subject, yet. I'm more than a little reticent to wade through kinggath's 5ish hour live stream of the release and/or his first few videos on each mod to see where these mentions were, if I can avoid it.

    Since I'm taking a break for the night, anyway, I figured I'd reach out to you lovely folks to see if anyone had ever compiled a list.

    Because modding... Modding always changes.

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    a kind of reply to your question can be found here.

    there is a link there that goes to this, and there is a text file there that my help

    there is an attachment in that post.

    :wink folks have told me not to write essays for a while longer. :friends

    But, where I would start? If I were you, is establish what hasn’t changed because that’s how you can get your new game started.

    like you said it can take a long time to figure out what’s changed and by the time you figure it out it’s already obsolete. So the only way to really do this is to jump in with what you know, then push the limits. :crazy
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    When I first installed WSFW then Better Settlement Defense stopped working for me. Multiple attacks regardless of the amounts of defense that my settlements had.

    This may have been updated. However, I started using the attack reducer/turn off functionality of Uncapped Settlement Surplus.
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